Having completed my Bachelors, Masters and PhD in science I have made the move into the world of media production. I have completed an MSc (DIC) in Science Media Production at Imperial College and an internship at Darlow Smithson Productions. I am looking to work in medical communications. My skills as a scientist are an asset I wish to make the most of in the world of production but I am also passionate about history, art, medicine and human experience.

I have previously designed and executed a popular exhibit for The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. I was responsible for a small team and accountable for overall design, a video, computer games and vacuum packing human placentas for display. The exhibit was a success and we were invited by The Royal Society to represent them at The Big Bang Fair the following year.


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I also work on the Begin Before Birth campaign. Originally funded in 2010 by the Wellcome Trust People Award. I helped conceptualise the web design, computer games, videos and social media. I continue to raise awareness for the website and am currently responsible for the social media.

I have also had bipolar disorder since my teenage years, which had (and still has) a large impact on my life and the lives of those around me. I am an avid campaigner for mental health and other disability rights.

I have produced a variety of videos, radio and podcasts. I am also an artist and  have posted some of my artwork on the site. Sometimes its hard to say things in words and my art helps me communicate my feelings better.logo

I am also experienced in communicating with a wide variety of people, from Nobel laureates to young children and am passionate about creating media for people from all walks of life.

I am open to all commissions, questions, comments and submissions
(Unless you’re a nasty spam-bot)

Email me: lauralou.freeman(at)me(dot)com

Twitter: @lauraloubum

And now meet my jumping kitten: Tails

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